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Planning for Workshops in 2018

Before we discussed anything at the meeting we let everyone know about Melva's predicament.
 We all wish her a speedy recovery and heartily agreed to send some flowers to her at The RAH. These should arrive on Monday.

After a couple of hectic months it is time to regroup and begin planning workshops and exhibitions for 2018.

But first we would like to acknowledge the extra input of members during the last couple of months.

We estimate that about 1500 people have visited the gallery during this busy period and as usual most were impressed with the visual aspect of the gallery and the quality of the products we have. Many still comment on how cheap things are.

We have introduced 6 new members to door duty procedures and value the input by members who keep the gallery open for visitors. 

If anyone would like to use the gallery as a studio space and keep the door open more often we would be delighted.

Thanks also to the people who do all the behind the scenes chores such as floors, dusting, …

Centenary of the Trans Australia Railway Part 2.

WOW!!!!  What an amazing day at The Railway Station for the TAR celebrations.
We had approximately 800 people through the gallery today.
That officially makes the photo exhibition a success. 

With the gallery open every day for 2 weeks the total attendance will reach around 1000.

A VERY SPECIAL thank you to Ellenor and Ineke who went through a baptism of fire for their first ever gallery duty.. great work ladies!!