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August brings us closer to November when The Music Club will hold their annual concert.
Saturdays are busy all day with musicians practicing their pieces.
The club is also holding their annual workshop event on August 18th and 19th so the gallery will be busy all weekend.

Kerry's "Acrylic Pour" workshop was a great hit and another buzz at the gallery on Saturday. Thank you Kerry, there was a lot of preparation in this workshop and some brilliant outcomes .Thanks to Morgan and Beth from the Photographers' Group for some great shots.

The Photographers' "DOORS"  exhibition is providing some delight for visitors both local and from further afield. An artist from Moonta is hoping to take the concept back to her local art group so it seems we are trendsetters.

Sales have been brisk this month and as usual include a wide variety of items from large prints and pastels to small craft items. Congratulations to all.
sample of sales
The Curdnatta Photographers' Group …


The "DOORS" exhibition is up and attracting some attention, people are surprised at the variety of images and delighted by the complimentary texts. A BIG thank you to Barry for helping with this one ... definitely prevented someone from getting stuck to the decals. Thanks also to The Curdnatta Photographers and The Port Augusta Writers for their collaboration .. it is a really interesting exhibit!.

The AGM was well attended and produced some good discussions on a number of topics.
We really appreciate people attending meetings so that they can gain an understanding of the views of the majority of the group. These are often based on personal needs, historical experiences, equitable outcomes and legal responsibilities.
With our workshops continuing to be successful people are looking for new and innovative ways to proceed. 
While we encourage all kinds of participation in the arts this needs to be tempered with what the group can offer in the way of  support:  *manual (usually volu…