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Artist in Residence

Meet Nicola Butler who has joined the group and will be working often at the gallery.
Nicola is the recipient of a personal development award from Country Arts SA and will acquit her grant by placing it in Curdnatta's bank account and using it to....

rent gallery space to work towards an exhibition in 2019access the knowledge and mentorship of our members attend workshopsPlease make Nicola feel welcome and if you would like to work at the gallery on other days of the week; you will have some company.

Our Bus trip to see the Impressionists is going ahead on Saturday June 30 We will leave at 7am and return at 4.30 Guided tours will be provided. Cost is $23 for Gallery members and $43 for our friends who are interested.  Please Pay  by cash at the gallery or Direct deposit into our bank account. We suggest doing so fairly quickly so we can see how many extra places we need to fill.

Exploring Acrylics

Our first workshop for the year "Exploring Acrylics" with Dianne Turner was a great success.

People were delighted to find out ways to bring their paintings to life.. 

"Had the most educational creative day today at the acrylic painting workshop with Curdnatta Platform Gallery! Thank you Dianne Turner for sharing your amazing skills and talent with us "