Artist in Residence

Meet Nicola Butler who has joined the group and will be working often at the gallery.
Nicola is the recipient of a personal development award from Country Arts SA and will acquit her grant by placing it in Curdnatta's bank account and using it to....

  • rent gallery space to work towards an exhibition in 2019
  • access the knowledge and mentorship of our members 
  • attend workshops
Please make Nicola feel welcome and if you would like to work at the gallery on other days of the week; you will have some company.

Our Bus trip to see the Impressionists is going ahead on Saturday June 30
We will leave at 7am and return at 4.30
Guided tours will be provided.
Cost is $23 for Gallery members and $43 for our friends who are interested. 
Please Pay  by cash at the gallery or Direct deposit into our bank account.
We suggest doing so fairly quickly so we can see how many extra places we need to fill.

At the meeting on Sat the group agreed to set up a Community Reward Account at Beyond Bank to help fundraise for our group.
If you are a member of this bank you can choose our group as a recipient of  a community reward.

This is how it works..
The more you save the more interest you earn and the more money Beyond Bank will donate back to our group at no cost to you. 
Each year, Beyond Bank calculates the average annual balances in the Community Rewards Accounts of people who have nominated Curdnatta Art Group as their recipient and donates a percentage back to our group. 
Just open a Community Reward Account through the Port Augusta Branch.

You can email Ashleigh Bolitho  for more information.

Next Workshop is "BIG KNITTING".  April 8th 

Followed by "Using Photos to promote and sell your work online"  April 21.

Vicki's "Dyeing to Tie" opens on Thursday April 5th.

We have a couple extra workshops in September.

Weaving with Tammy ....

 And Solar Dying with Jon...

You can see the details on OUR CALENDAR!


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