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We had 25 people in attendance at out AGM on July 29 2017.

Key points of discussion:

Management group 2017/18
Georgie, Tammy, Anne, Kerry, Leone, Nat, Patsy
Treasurer - Tammy Colman
Minutes Secretary - Leonie Reynolds 
Public Officer - Kerry steer
Housekeeper - Anne Homes
Duty Roster - Cheryl Fisher 
Newsletter, Publicity - Georgie Sharp
Styling Team -  Kerry, Patsy, Morgan, Carly, Prue, Georgie 
Special Openings - Tammy, Kerry, Patsy, Georgie

Single membership $50, family membership $70.
Affiliated group membership at the discretion of management  group.

Commission on sales remains at 25%.

Rangeland Conference in association with the Arid Lands Resources (next door neighbours). 
Mayoral Reception at the railway station on Monday 25th September, 5:30pm to 7:00pm

Desert Voices performing
SAAL NRM display inside their board room, access from the platform.
Platform Gallery open with sales available.
Sharron & Kerry will open the gallery 

Gallery Floor
The gallery will be closed until Friday. The floors will be oiled on Wednesday 2nd August and all furniture on the floor needs to be 
Volunteers will meet at the gallery on Tuesday at 10am to move furniture out. (all welcome)
Volunteers will meet on Thursday at 4pm. To move furniture back in. (all welcome)
Dianne Turner exhibition will be set up Friday Morning at 10am.
Wednesday night painters and Writers group on Thursday will be cancelled.

Dianne Turner Exhibition
Official opening Saturday 5th August. Please bring a plate for morning tea.

Margo Miles Workshop 
Sunday August 13th

World Cafe Event 
August 8th at Central Oval complex 12.30 to 4.30
Curdnatta has been invited to describe their positive growth in the face of adversity.

Music Club Workshop 
On August 19th and 20th. There will be several aspects including singing with Anna beach, guitar with John Sharp and  ukulele workshops.

Flinders Ranges "A Brush with Art".
"Making Tracks" 
New works by members will be accepted at the gallery until  Friday, 1st September. The Styling team will set up on  September 2nd. This is a showcase of art work by current members.

"FELTING FOR BEGINNERS" - with Cheryl Fischer.
September 23rd  9.30am - 4pm.   $35

Reminder that new work is to be presented to a general meeting prior to display in the gallery this is for new members or new products.


These have been very popular during the last year and we are looking to consolidate our offerings for 2018.
Please advise the management group of any suggestions you have.

An updated procedure for workshops will be added to the procedures book. 


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