Spring Cleaning

We have had the floor oiled  and  currently have Dianne's lovely exhibition on display (don't miss it). As a spin off from that activity there has been a bit of a "Spring Clean" at the gallery, especially in the back rooms. There is still a bit of work to do but  we invite people to check out the progress and help out by taking home items that have been around for a while or do not fit with our requirements - see procedures book. 

The filing cabinet, photo albums and other records are all in the store room along with the trolleys with tools for hanging art works. The white cupboard that was in the back hall is now in the kitchen.

The Art Books and Artist tools are in the Kitchen area.

All works that are not needed in current gallery displays have been stored in the storeroom and grouped according to artist.
We have endeavoured to stack the work carefully in a dry area of the store room but encourage people to take work home if they need to store it more carefully.

 We advise all members to come in and check out the storage areas and your art work for - 
* Missing Price Tags.
* Appropriate price tags... the uniform tickets are on the red trolley.
* Work that can go home (has been in the gallery for a long time)
* Storage of art tools. 
* Safe storage - away from leaky spots.
* Personal items that are not needed at the gallery.

 Please be aware that the ceiling above the window area in the store room leaks when there is heavy rain. All items in this area need to be protected in some way or not easily damaged by water.

New work for A BRUSH WITH ART may be placed under the banner in the store room. This is due by September 1st.
The styling team will set up on September 2nd. 


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