Planning for 2018

At the meeting on Saturday 25th November we discussed our program for 2018.

This is the stage we are at... with times to be confirmed...asap please.

Recently there have been some discussions about how to prepare images of work for sale online and the possibility of an online presence. Currently the group promotes gallery activities and artists look after their own enterprise. There are some strategies which can help artists to promote their work in the best light. If people are interested in knowing more about preparing images for online sales there is a workshop on 3rd March.

This is how Curdnatta promotes artists.....
        1.Google presence art gallery port augusta
            best add your reviews to bump up the profile.

       2.Our Facebook page reaches a wide range of people and promotes all activities at the gallery.

Recent posts have reached over 1000 people 

Christmas promotion ... 1599 people reached.

When people "like" our page or "like"  posts on the page it lifts our profile.
If you ask friends to "like" our page it has a greater reach.

    3.We currently have several members who have online sites where they promote or sell their work and if people ring the gallery from interstate looking for local work we suggest they go to these sites.

We promote these artists through our Curdnatta Global group at our Facebook Page. However this also depends on members of the group adding posts about their activities and successes.

We have quite a few members with an online presence. You might like to check out their sites... 

Ellenor Day - Lutz 
Morgan Palmer - Dunn 
Natalie Castree    

Georgie Sharp     
Jenny Grantham  
Kerry Steer          
Anne Kenny         
Mandy Shalley     
Lisa Lumsden         
Tammy Colman   
Cheryl Fischer       
Peter Taylor        
Barry Lewis        
 Zonifer Lloyd     
Dianne Turner     

Ruth Tulloch      

Judy Elliott-Maddison

 Joan Hancock      

       4.You may also be interested to know that we have begun to promote gallery activities and people's work through our Instagram Page.

       5.We also have a basic app which gives an overview of what the Art Group and gallery is all about... this is provided with each email we send out  and is linked to our FB page

              6. In addition we promote through the Transcontinental Newspaper, local TV and radio stations.

Our Christmas Lunch is on December 3rd at 12noon. If you are attending can you please Bring Your Own Drinks.
There are some beers and soft drinks for sale through the music club fridge. 


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